Dental Implants Boulder Colorado

Dental Implants – Proven Alternative to Missing Teeth – Boulder CO

In modern dentistry, dental implants are a proven alternative to missing teeth. They provide a stable, long-lasting solution to incorrectly fitted dentures or missing teeth. With implants your Boulder CO dentist will be able to restore the functionality of your natural teeth without bridges or other appliances. Jaw structure will be corrected and your face will be more aesthetically pleasing, especially if you have gotten that “sunken” look from the loss of multiple teeth. This is because the implant will actually osseointegrate (bond) with the existing bone.


Research has confirmed that implants are a predictable and proven treatment option for missing teeth. Though they have actually been available since the 1970’s, the improvements made in the ensuing years have helped to perfect the procedure, making it one of the most popular and effective options accessible today.

Before the treatment is performed, your Boulder dentist will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums to ensure that implants are an appropriate solution for your needs. If other problems exist, such as gum disease, those will likely be taken care of prior to the procedure.

The easiest way to grasp the way an implant functions is to conjure a picture of your teeth in your mind. Every one of your teeth contains two main sections: a root and a crown. Because the dental implant acts as the tooth’s root, which is below the gum line, a surgical procedure is required for its placement. The treatment is generally completed under general sedation or IV. Placing the implant requires that the gum tissue be opened, allowing it to be placed into the jawbone.

The healing period for this initial step of the process varies from three to six months in order to provide time for the osseointegration, or fusing, of the bone. Your Boulder CO professional will likely provide a temporary crow during this time to help with the chewing process and provide a more pleasing appearance.

Following the appropriate healing time, the dental implant will be uncovered and an abutment placed. This will act as a connector between the replacement teeth or tooth and the implant(s). The placing of the new tooth will complete the procedure.

Implants can be placed to replace multiple teeth or for a single tooth. Because of their durability and stability, they will have the functionality of your natural teeth and enhance the jaw and face structure, providing a greater aesthetically pleasing look.

At the completion of the dental implant process, your Boulder dentist will discuss appropriate dental care with you. Because bacteria can still affect your gums and teeth if not cared for properly, excellent oral hygiene habits should continue as well as regular visits and cleanings. With proper maintenance, your new implants can last throughout your life.